Can my struggles help you?

IMG_1976My journey to find joyful and long lasting health has been a long one and is FARRRRRR from being over, but I feel like I have FINALLY found a path that WORKS and can be MAINTAINED and I am sooooo thankful to Beachbody for that!I have always been overweight and have struggled for over a decade to change a number of EXTREMELY unhealthy (physically and emotionally) habits I developed while I was in high school. Food was something that I ALWAYS ate in great excess; it was not uncommon for me to order two thin crust pizzas after school and eat an entire pizza plus a few slices by myself before my parents got home and act like I only ordered one and had a few nibbles as a snack. My mentally was “they don’t know about it and it was free, so it doesn’t really count, right?” The same mindset would overpower me after varsity tennis practice when I would swing through the McDonalds drive through and order THREE McDoubles and TWO large fries and eat them in he car before I got home. Again, they were nearly free (a whopping $5 off the then dollar menu) and since I threw the trash away before I got in the house, no one knew about the 2,000 calories and gobs of fat I had consumed in the 15 minute drive home from practice. This mentality became so deeply engrained in me that over the following 8-10 years, my relationship with food was a highly emotional and toxic one that I felt powerless to change.

IMG_1998BUT I HAVE! That does not mean that I don’t still struggle with these old patterns of behavior or that I don’t have days where I stress eat and want to soothe my woes with a 1/2 gallon of cookie dough ice cream. What it means is through my journey to find joy and health, I have found something that has allowed me to grow stronger mentally and physically than I every thought possible. And that is my passion to help others. A social worker by profession, my life is about helping others find strength within themselves that they didn’t know was there and advocating for them until they are able to do so for themselves. It’s about encouraging and supporting them as they take the baby steps needed to grow stronger in who they are so they can make the changes they need to make in their lives. It’s about seeing these individuals gain confidence in themselves and hold onto hope (and maybe for the first time in a LONG time) that they can forge the life for themselves that has always seemed out of reach.

This passion I have to help others is at the core of who I am and when I realized there were times I didn’t feel I could give my all to those I work with because of how I was treating myself (namely, my physical body) I felt ashamed. I was living a life fueled by poor nutrition, very little exercise, and even worse mental self-care. I was fatigued (running on 5-6 cups of coffee a day), unfocused, and feeling highly ineffectual. I had the responsibly of ensuring the needs and well-beings of others were met and addressed and here I was, completely disregarding my own needs… I was living the mantra, “do as I say, not as I do.”

I became an advocate for my own health in January of 2014 and as my passion for fitness and nutrition has grown, my desire to help others achieve their health goals was born (which is why I then became a coach in April). I want to help others who don’t know where to start on their fitness journey and don’t know if they have the ability to make the changes they want to make FIND their PATH and MOTIVATION to make their health a priority and feel EQUIPPED and EMPOWERED to meet their personal goals. I have always struggled with my weight (as have many of my friends and family members) and have grown up in a society where OBESITY was often talked about abstractly but was never personalized.  But this is wrong.Obesity is HIGHLY personal and poses health risks and complications for people of ANY age… But that isn’t talked about enough. I had to be the one to initiate and lead this conversation with my doctor at my most recent physical. I know it’s and UNCOMFORTABLE topic and can be FRUSTRATING (if you don’t see people making changes they need to for their health) for the one expressing their concerns, but if HEALTH PROFESSIONALS aren’t starting these conversations with their patients, how can we expect individuals to feel STRONG and PASSIONATE enough to initiate them when they don’t know their is a need or feel their is hope for them to change?!?!

I want those I love and those I have yet to meet and will end up loving to become advocates for their health and feel capable of achieving their nutrition and fitness goals and I know Beachbody can offer this to them! I know Beachbody programs are not the ONLY answer for people who want to own their own health, but I know it IS an answer that is working for me, has worked for countless others, and can work for anyone who dedicates themselves to their programs and a lifestyle change.

Are you ready to take the next step necessary to start CHANGING YOUR LIFE?!  I would love to help you regain your health (or find it for the first time) so please contact me so we can talk about your nutrition and fitness goals and how you can begin advocating for your own health.

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